Sunday, November 4, 2007

Infrared Downtown

Here's another infrared city shot. This one is pretty much straight out of the camera. I was shooting JPEG instead of RAW files today.

We went to Jungle Island today, and the weather was so nice (sunny and mid 70s all day long.) I brought the IR camera and took a lot of pictures. I'll post a complete gallery on Picasa when I finish processing the photos from yesterday's shoot. I spent 9 hours shooting furniture in a warehouse when I really wanted to be outside in this fantastic weather.


isabella said...

Great panorama!

Charles said...

That looks so surreal, like a sixties Japanese miniature about to be stomped by a guy in a creature costume.

Curly said...

These IR shots are most unusual, I'll have to try and replicate a few with Photoshop (I don't have an IR camera)

From South Shields Daily Photo