Saturday, October 6, 2007


I got up this morning and saw the sun coming up and creating some incredible colors. I ran (as fast as I can move with a broken clavicle) to get my camera, but I had to swap the lens and the battery because of the time lapse thing I tried the day before.

Once I got setup, these are the colors I was able to capture. It was literally minutes between beautiful colors on the clouds, to what I shot, to just the sun beaming in your face and flat light on the clouds.

There was actually some nice surf out there today too. I sooo wish I was recovered enough to get out there and do some body boarding. Miami Beach is usually flat, but this morning it looked like some pretty organized knee to waist high waves.

Tomorrow I will post tonight's sunset photo. Not a photo of the sunset lighting up the sky nicely, but the sunball itself -- way cool.


TOG said...

For 35 years we have had a water front home in Key Largo. At sun set everything stopped and we would spend 20 or 30 minutes by the water. This was a week end house and now our children have it as a full time house. I like your sunrise, but we never seemed to give it as much attention as we did the sunset.

Sally said...

I like the mauve and blue hues.

Sydney Daily Photo

MONA said...

I can almost SEE the wind among the reeds there. Your images have a potent quality about them. Even in a two dimension, they 'move'.

I hope your shoulder is better now Court.