Thursday, November 22, 2007

The Other City That Never Sleeps

I have been hooked on the color blue lately so I'm running with it.

Happy Thanksgiving friends!


Gwen said...

Gorgeous photograph, as usual. Happy Thanksgiving, blessings.:)

Mona said...

is that where you live now?

Happy Thanksgiving once again!

Jim said...

Awesome picture. Happy Thanksgiving.

ArizonaDB said...

wow, thats an amazing shot. must have been a long exposure. Did you add the blue yourself, or is that a natural effect? Great artistry.

Flagstaff Daily Photo

Professor Taylor said...

I'm hooked on that LED blue as well. Like you, I am WHIPPED on South Beach. I have them everywhere! Under the bed. In the kitchen on top of the shelves. I even have a strip rigged behind the flat screen. So yes. I love what I have dubbed....South Beach Blue. Problem is....I live in Manhattan.

Charles said...

Happy Thanksgiving, BFOM.

slinger said...

very very nice. Well done.

Courtland said...

Thanks Gwen and Jim! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

It is 9 long exposures of varying lengths combined together. The blue is from the hotel sign and the green is from the fluorescents at the other hotel.

Prof Taylor,
That is a great idea for a flatscreen. I'm going to do it next time I go to Lowes. I used ropelights in the my kitchen under and above the cabinets. It's a really cool effect.

Thanks Charles!

Thank you Slinger!

Jim Jones said...


Our mutual friend Charles just turned me on to your blog. I really like your photo work, especially this nighttime shot! I've got a daily photo blog also, but I like your work better than mine. (C: I've got a nighttime shot of the Las Vegas strip that I like.

My blog is Photos From Jim...please stop by and let me know what you think!