Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Beach

Woohoo! It's my first post and why not have a shot of the beach to get it started.


fl1ebos said...

Yippee! I am the first to post a comment on Court's new blog... My life sucks right now if this is a high point (and it is).

Fill it up with photos, Court, I love your work. (This was a paid advertisement)


Charles said...

Yay! Welcome to blogworld.

MAB said...

Nice stick.

Charles said...

You say that to all the guys at the urinal. heheh

Mike said...

This is what I'll miss about Florida when we move back north..

Charles said...

Which the scenery or the jokes?

Top cat said...

I want to be there, feel the sand between my toes and let the waves wash over me.

MONA said...

wow! what an assortment of blues!

This is a wonderful shot!

Court,welcome to blogsvillie! I hope you are feeling better now! :)

Courtland said...

Thanks Dave, the check is in the mail.

LMAO mab/charles!

bassman Mike is that you? You guys gotta come down before you move.

tc, I love the water and sand too. Water is 86F today. Heading to the beach now.

mona, thanks I am feeling better. I hope everything is really better in 3 weeks for my next ortho visit. I really really don't want surgery.

snowelf said...

Welcome Court!! Any friend of Charles's is a friend of mine. :)

And I am so in love with your beach pic!!

Maybe I SHOULD move to FL after all. :D

Good to know you're feeling more like yourself and hopefully you don't have to have the surgery.