Saturday, September 22, 2007


Today is a double shot of photos. Kiteboarding, also called Kite Surfing, uses a large parachute-like kite, a harness and a board that resembles a wakeboard. These guys were getting some serious air that looked like 20ft off the water.

Check out the trick sequence photo large by clicking on it.


lime said...

wow, that looks like an activity that will get yoru heart pumping! visiting from charles' blog. welcome to the blogosphere.

MONA said...

I love the color of the ocean so expertly captured by your camera!
Kite Surfing sure sounds interesting!Although I wonder what 'serious air' is! :D

Hope you are feeling better!

Courtland said...

Thanks for the warm welcome! Yes, those guys are nuts. It can be a very dangerous sport. One of the surfers pictured crashed pretty hard near the shore and tore his knees up on the shells. 10 more feet and he'd have landed on the shore.

Thank you! It looks like so much fun. One of the guys offered to teach me on his beginner rig, but I guess I won't be learning for a few months when my clavicle heals. 'Serious air' is when someone flies higher than you would expect; in this case they were about 2-3 floors off the deck.

snowelf said...

Now THAT looks like fun!!


MONA said...

Court. I just remembered.

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Courtland said...


My mother is a naturopathic doc. I am taking osteo-guard and a.i. enzymes. I'll check out the Arnica product, thanks.