Sunday, September 30, 2007


I went out a while back to try and capture the shuttle launch, but couldn't see anything from down here. Back in Tampa the launches were still easy to see in the late afternoons and evenings. Since I was sitting out there with my Nikkor 300 f/4 I ended up shooting a bunch of gulls and terns. Here's my favorite from that day.


MONA said...


The juxtaposition of the symmetrical winged creature to the asymmetric ocean currents is visually appealing and delightful to behold.

The sea green background enhances the earthy tones to a perfection that only such rare captured moments can provide.

Between the water and the earth[bird] lies the electrifying undercurrent of a potent atmospheric currents which, although unseen, are very much felt with the buoyantly afloat creature!

So much synchrony in a single click!

PS> I hope you don't mind my 'funny' comments . Its just that I have never seen or read any book on Photography, to be able to comment on technical aspects of these masterpieces. But I do enjoy looking at them, as one would whilst moving in an art gallery.I just write what they make me feel with their finer aspects of presentation.

isabella said...

You are an amazing photographer - most of your work is pure art!

Welcome to the DP family!

alaya said...

great capture!! :)

Courtland said...

lol Mona! I think. Thanks.

wow, thank you. I enjoy seeing all of the beautiful places the DP community is sharing like your Naples DP blog. We used to go to Marco Island for weekend getaways when we lived up in Tampa.