Sunday, October 14, 2007

Another Miami Sunset

I hope you guys aren't getting sick of these sunset photos. This one is best viewed large on black (which BTW you can click the image in every post for a large version). Everyday there seems to be something different to capture, whether it's color, clouds, composition etc. I'm having fun working with the same subject since I've been mostly homebound for the past month with my injury.

If you want to see some different stuff I've done over the past 12 months check out my Flickr stuff.


Hyderabad Daily Photo said...

Can't get sick of sunset photos.
All your pics are so beautiful. Thanks.

Erika said...

The colors are so beautiful!! VERY Miami!

• Eliane • said...

This picture is absolutely gorgeous. And I am not a huge fan of the sempiternel sunsets. I do like the colors, very dramatic. But most of all, the way the sun shows on the very top edges of the clouds. From the portal, it looks as if it is a stormy night with thunder. Very dramatic.
NB: I have just added you as a Flickr contact. :)

Steve Buser said...

Quite amazing shot.

--steve buser
New Orleans Daily Photo

Greg said...

Amazing shot. Thank you for sharing!

don said...

woooooooowwww what a great shot. That's absolute the way a espect a sunset in miami

Glenn Standish said...


Greetings from TORUĊƒ DAILY PHOTO here in Poland. Do pop in today as we have a special competition...about a donkey!!! There is a prize at stake!

Charles said...

Wow, the colors are amazing (I should have taken the blue pill.)

I can't believe how fast the sunset is moving across the horizon, before there were signs in front of it, now its peeking out from behind a building and the signs aren't even in the field of view.

Courtland said...


yes, the Miami sunsets have been so beautiful lately!

Thanks for the add Eliane!

Thanks Steve,
I'll be checking out the NO Daily. Used to play a lot of gigs up there when I lived in LA.

Thanks Greg and Don.

Glenn, sorry I missed your donkey contest yesterday, It was lazy Sunday.

Thanks, it has been setting noticeably further South in the few days that there has been some good views without total cloud cover.

MONA said...

This is an amazing shot! I never knew sunset could look that beautiful!

The skyline looks so mysterious against the flaming background

Ann (MobayDP) said...

Very nice!

Mike said...


Diego said...

what are the best places to catch a sunset here in Miami or Miami Beach?

Courtland said...


I would think anywhere on the causeway shooting towards downtown would get the sunset behind the building. Maybe over on Key Biscayne too.